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Natural ventilation and mixed mode ventilation • It is important that ventilation rates and therefore openings are demand based and controlled according to internal room temperature and CO 2 levels, and external weather and driving factors, particularly wind speed and outdoor temperature. • It has been recognised that to achieve acceptable levels of comfort and energy performance, mm by mm control is necessary. Required changes to the openings can be calculated based on CFD modelling of how different wind conditions affect wind pressure on the windows around the building, and these can be used to effectively forecast and control ventilation rates according to demand. • In order to achieve precise window positioning, actuators with position feedback can offer fine control to help prevent discomfort and excessive heat loss associated with larger and more common opening increments. • It is important to determine acceptable noise from actuators to prevent disruption and complaints from the occupants. Actuators that allow programmable speeds can deliver a better balance of performance and silent operation. Recommendations regarding the choice of control system 21-03-2018 11 • Actuators which reverse a small amount (1-2mm) on closing, can help to extend the life of window seals and weather strips. • Where there is a risk that limbs may be trapped in the windows, it is important to use actuators with pressure safety function to help reduce the risk of serious injury. • It is always a good idea to choose a "proven", complete solution from a single source to achieve clear responsibility and delivery a robust and effective solution.

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